Pre-configured solution with
industry best practices for accelerated,


Public Edition

An SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged solution designed to address current challenges for Sugar Manufacturing with agile, scalable solution for future-proof, outcome-based SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition.

Challenges Faced by Sugar Industry

Farmer, Transporters and Harvesters registration and production capacity management

Reconciliation of credit, cash payments and loans given to farmers, harvesters, and transporters

Inaccurate quantity and value stock updates due to lack of integration between Weighbridge & Production systems

Material blockages, Jams, Adjustments, or cleaning of production systems are difficult during peak crashing season

Financial losses due to transportation bill knockin and trip management of transporters

Integration with Cane Management Solutions

Value Proposition

Primus has created a value proposition combining SAP best practices based on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition and industry specific custom developments to address Sugar Manufacturing Industry business challenges.

Simple interface for Farmers, Harvesters and Transporters onboarding as Suppliers and Customer

Farmers supplies sugarcane and transports/harvesters provides services the same time they also buy by-products or products of sugar industry and hence creation of them as vendor and customer as business partners in single transaction is need of this industry. This brings master data governance and also reduced time of processing.

Value Propositions using S/4HANA Extensibility and SAP BTP Developments

Using S/4HANA Key User Extensibility and Analytics Extensibility along with SAP Business Technology, our solutions has developments to fulfil their custom process needs outside the core ERP hence future proofing the continuous innovation delivered by SAP S/4HANA Could, public edition. Primus has bundled 20 SAP BTP developments according to the needs of Sugar manufacturing industry. Examples: Weigh Bridge Automation and Cane Receipt, Bill booking against farmers.

Cane Receipt, Bill booking against farmers, Payment System with Loan Management

Optimised cane receipt solution tightly integrated weigh bridge automation allows booking of invoices against each receipt from farmer and booking of bills against east of the farmer.

Weigh Bridge Automation and Integration

To avoid financial manipulations, It is important for Sugar manufacturing plants to obtain the precise weight of the cane supplied by farmers. Our solution provides a tightly integrated module with linkage to weigh bridge thus avoiding losses, manipulation & payment mismatch of Auto-Components industry.

Cane Payment System with adjustments of Loan and Advances

Optimised Loan Management with business partners and adjustment of their loans in automatic payment programs saves manual entries where farmers, transporters and harvesters get transparent and real-time view of credits, loans, payments, adjustments, and payment reconciliation according to the needs of Auto-Components industry.

Predictive Plant Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is very important for Sugar manufacturing as it seeks to prevent equipment failure and downtime during peak cane crushing periods of the year. Predictive Maintenance and Service is used to Report, Plan, Predict, and Simulate Plant data in Real-Time to run all machines at optimum capacity, product & plant wise profitability.

SugarPRIME Benefits


With automations now the cane receipts are automated using weigh bridge interface and cane supply number of trips increased from 120 per Day to 180/day


Farmers payment cycle reduction from 14 days to online


Increased savings with reduction in fuel consumption and fuel inventory optimization by almost 20%


Better cash-flow and fund-flow projection with complete integration with debtors and creditors


Improved maintenance planning which reduces echanical break-down during peak crushing season


No interference or manipulation of weighbridge data

SugarPRIME Offerings

Pre-configured industry specific, ready to use solution for the discrete manufacturing industry for faster adoption of industry best practices. This will enable faster implementation

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition along with Primus accelerators, pre-built configurations, test scripts, data migration strategy. This will take care of common requirements for the industry and reduce cycle times.

CXO Dashboard with detailed insights on various business KPI with performance indicators for strategy optimization. CXOs can take quick decisions based on these dashboards

Business value based consultative approach through show-and-tell sessions to re-define business value realization strategy. With this enterprise will benefit in optimizing process.

Agile and transformative approach through phase-based implementation roadmap to manage adoption and change. We believe that this kind of implementation also includes a degree of organization change management and this shall help.

Our SugarPRIME package provides 2 package options for accelerated
and risk-free transformation roadmap



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