SAP Best Practices for Life Sciences

The digital transformation of healthcare

Today’s focus on the individual patient has led to innovations in healthcare technology that are driving higher-quality, cost-effective care.

Smart healthcare operations

Leading medical providers are adopting AI-driven healthcare software to control costs, reduce resource constraints, and run efficiently.

Healthcare data and analytics

Analysis of health data from electronic medical records and medical sensors helps pinpoint the best treatment for each patient.

Healthcare worker empowerment

Smart healthcare technology cuts through complexity and reduces paperwork – freeing healthcare workers to do what they do best.

Better patient experiences

In the experience economy, providing positive, seamless, and patient-centered care will be a key differentiator for healthcare providers.

Improved patient outcomes

How do you enhance patient treatment? By analysing patient-reported outcomes and data from other patients with similar issues.

Healthcare sustainability

Responsible healthcare organisations are now pursuing sustainable healthcare: zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality.

Digital transformation in life sciences

Digital technologies are key to innovation – in pharmaceutical engineering, medical device manufacturing, and other life sciences industries.


AI and new life sciences technologies

Pharma 4.0 uses digital technologies – such as AI, IoT, and blockchain – to connect patients and systems for greater visibility and efficiency.

Pharmaceutical and medical device regulations

To follow good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and meet medical device regulations, in-depth operational visibility is key.

Targeted cell and gene therapies

Complex to manufacture and deliver, these new therapies require a standardised platform that enables efficiency and scale.

Sustainability in pharmaceuticals

Sustainability is good business. Recyclable packaging and sustainable materials sourcing can protect brands and drive growth.

Biotech and pharma partnerships

Collaborative partnerships and alliances can lead to rapid breakthroughs as evidenced by cooperation on COVID-19 vaccines.