How can SAP Solutions enable Automotive Industry to change the game?

SAP solutions empower automotive companies to accelerate product innovation, improve quality, reduce manufacturing costs, and service vehicles more profitably. This helps drive market share growth in a highly competitive global market. With SAP solutions, companies can use data driven intelligence that combines the world of technology, sensors, and vehicle data with a world of applications and practices.

What do SAP solutions help customers do?


Collaborative product innovation

Design and deliver products to win  market share, satisfy customers, and  meet regulatory requirements

Marketing, sales, and aftermarket

Increase customer satisfaction and  retention with positive buying and  ownership experiences.

Manufacturing and logistics

Manufacture cost-efficient high-  quality products and vehicles by  adopting automotive best practices.

Digital services

Support new business models in the  digital economy.

Responsive supply networks

Optimize efficiency and drive down  cost and risk in global supply  networks.
Successful automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and sales and service organizations rely on SAP software to provide the foundation that drives performance and a competitive edge. SAP solutions connect processes with industry-specific solutions on premise, in the cloud, and via mobile devices.

What are the benefits?

SAP provides solutions for the automotive industry that help companies balance financial, engineering,  manufacturing, sales, and marketing goals and fulfill demand profitably, leading to:
1. Faster time to market and reduced manufacturing costs through increased equipment effectiveness
2. Enhanced real-time operational insights with advanced analytics and excellence in sales and service.

Key Performance Indicators

-15% Manufacturing Cost

Where machinery and tools are  allocated to operations and status  and usage is tracked in real time*

-13% Cost per Interaction

Where multichannel communication  is used to optimize customer contact*