When you can see all your spending, you can control all your costs

Travel, expenses and invoices – automated and in control.

Automate expenses from receipt to reimbursement

Automating the expense management process – and eliminating the errors, paper and procedures that go with it – frees up your employees and gives you more control over compliance and costs. Users can quickly take a picture of receipts, submit expense reports from any mobile device, and keep productivity on track. It’s the expense management software that your company needs to streamline business travel expense processing and business expense tracking.

Proactively manage spend with AP automation

Accounts payable may not seem like a profit center, but when you automate the invoice process, you get control over what’s going out the door. You can see spending before it’s spent, catch duplicate invoices, and save time with mobile approvals, invoice tracking and faster payments. It’s how you make AP systems more like AR systems.

Capture every booking, no matter how it’s booked

No matter how tightly managed your travel program is, there are always exceptions. Now you can get visibility into travel plans and business travel expenses, no matter where it happens. And with your travel policy built into your solution, you can capture business travel expenses, improve compliance, and control your costs. Business travel made easy with the Concur travel management software.

With complete data in one place, customers can get more done

Concur dynamic ecosystem connects customers and their employees with more than 150 of the apps, partners, suppliers and products. All spending data is automatically integrated to deliver the experience your employees expect and the full visibility you need into all dimensions of spend, so you can spot new ways to save.

Why to choose SAP Concur?



Improve productivity, compliance and control over business expenses.

Easily track, analyze and report on spending.

  • Seamless flow of data brings control over & visibility into business expenses.
  • Integrated company expense policies & custom auditing software improve compliance.
  • Mobile and web-based apps automate, accelerate and improve expense management from start to finish.


Reduce costs and gain control with Concur Invoice.

Reduce the average cost of processing a single invoice by more than 80%. Automate invoice processing while increasing insight and control.

  • Regulate purchase-to-pay cycles
  • Boost vendor payment discounts
  • Increase cashflow by more than 3X
  • Optimize working capital to fuel expansion
  • Ensure compliance and minimize security risks


Manage business travel and expenses together in one integrated solution.

Concur’s mobile app for Smartphones and Tablet devices performs different tasks of corporate travel management like booking, expense claims, report submission and much more can be done easily on the move.

  • Ensure compliance to travel policy
  • Instant Travel Expense Analysis
  • Quick travel expenses reporting


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