Chemical Industry

Simplify and standardize business processes are critical to the Chemical industry.

To capitalise on growing demand, chemicals companies are modernizing planning, development, and production – and finding new ways to differentiate.

Chemical supply chain challenges

Extreme weather, geopolitics, and changing regulations are impacting chemical supply chains. Companies are using new tools to better anticipate disruption, simulate contingency plans, and mitigate risk

Market and price volatility

Rising costs of energy and raw materials – combined with resource scarcity, demand fluctuations, and supply chain disruption – are creating high market and price volatility in the chemicals industry.

Focus on customer centricity

Chemicals customers have shifted from buying products to buying outcomes. For example, instead of a pesticide, they seek the promise of an abundant crop. Leaders are working as an ecosystem to deliver.

Green chemistry and sustainability

Chemicals producers play a key role in mitigating climate change, and investors are taking note. Commitments to net-zero emissions, the circular economy, and enabling their customer to reach their sustainability goals are centre stage.

Digital transformation in the chemicals industry

Chemical manufacturers are under pressure to adopt advanced technology like AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) to co-innovate, better anticipate demand, and drive safety, efficiency, and agility.